• Brick Saw, Tile Saw and Block Saw
  • Specialised Core Cutting Saw
  • Grinding and Calibrating Tools
  • Kwik-Kut Customised Saws
Brick Saw, Tile Saw and Block Saw1 Specialised Core Cutting Saw2 Grinding and Calibrating Tools3 Kwik-Kut Customised Saws4

About Us

Since 1967 Sladden & Milne Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd has established a reputation as a supplier of quality products industrial abrasives including gridding wheels, coated abrasives, Avancer diamond impregnated tools and masonry handling equipment Kwik-Kut saws, floor saws, core drills, power floats and electrical power tools.

Our customer’s range from construction, civil engineering, refractory engineering, reinforced concrete lintel manufacturers, geological exploration, precision engineering, paint shops, car body repair and many others.

Our experienced technical representatives back every product and service we offer.