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HD66S Gallery


    Models: HD66S E400 HD66S E380
    Type(Frame) Electric 132-S2 132-S2
    Engine Model
    Voltage V 400 380
    Power Kw 7.5 5.5
    Phases 3 3
    Cycles Hz 50 50
    Motor rpm 2900 2900
    Electric Protect IP 55 IP 55
    Blade Shaft rpm 2900 2900
    Max blade Ø diameter mm 500 500
    Max depth of cut mm 165 165
    Max length of cut mm 550 550
    Arbor size mm 25,4 25,4
    Number of belts 4 4
    Wet dry cutting Wet/Dry Wet/Dry
    Weight Kg 195 195
    Dimensions(LxWxH) mm 1320x570x1560 1320x570x1560

    Features & Benefits

    Features Benefits
    • Conveyor - With anti tilt smooth glide bearing assemblies.
    Safe and accurate cutting
    • Easy access to water pump - (Petrol version F/W mechanical water pump).
    Regular cleaning ensures long pump life.
    • Pivot head blade cutting height adjustment - Crank and foot pedal.
    Cutting Depth 115mm and upto 200mm depth by reversing material - Allows step cutting for hard materials.
    • Blade flange nut spanner - supply standard.
    Maintains nut integrity and loosening and correct tightening.
    • Robust heavy guage frame assembly.
    Maintains frame integrity with rough handling. Rigidity for accurate cutting.
    • Standard local bearings.
    Availability of spares througout South Africa.